Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Superoneclick.exe : Download in a click.

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what is superoneclick.exe?

Supeoneclick.exe is a software that enables you to root your android mobile just in a click.

what does rooting does?

Rooting makes you the super user and allow you to use superuser .
It allow you to change your mobile software,
It allows you to use application that requires superuser permission.

IS There any risk on rooting your android phone?

ofcourse there are many risk:
1. you might destroy your phone software so you must backup your phone at first.
2. dont interrupt on the process of rooting the android phone.

how to download superoneclick.exe?

1. first go to google homepage
2. search superonceclick.exe download
3. you ll get multiple download option and choose on og the random and you ll find one of the good download optio

what to do after you download superoneclick.exe? the debug mode .
2. back up your phone so that you wont t have problem of you loose your data.

Rooting your android phone

your screen looks like this and you just have to connect your phone to computer and click root , that helps you to root your android phone just in a click.

# If you wont find any clue on downloading superoneclick.exe , comment me and i will mail you the fil individually.