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Weight loss : Quick and Easy

You cant stop eating. yes , that is the reason why you cant losing weight.You can not restrict food. The main thing about losing weight is eating less calories than you need.

Fair number of people are trying to lose weights . Most of the urban population are struggling with obesity. The sedentary life and increased consumption of junk food has increased obesity in our generation.

Most people want to drop weight , but in most of the cases they wont be able to make it. The failure is not due to the lack of will power or the motivation , instead trying too difficult procedure to make ta changes. Like skipping several meals a day , which might shred few pounds a week but that  does nott last long . That results rebound weight gain making you more bulkier.



People can stay without food but not soda. let us do some maths here . If you drink a glass of coke a day , then you will gain almost 14 pounds in calories. Resists soft drinks instead of drink a lot of water . This will surely make a hug difference in your weight loss plan . The carbonated drinks also makes you eat more. The artificial sweetener may also have negative impact on your weight loss.

2. Give second review on your coffee 

If you replace your calorie hyped coffee with high caramel , with butter and cream with green tea than you will eat around 2000 less calorie a week , that is around 4 extra pounds . Green tea also has capacity to increase metabolism , and helps to burn fat.

3. Give a try to Zoodles instead of wheat noodles and pasta:

The hardest part of losing weight is you need to compromise on some foods you love most. Zucchini noodles are very good for the diabetic  and hypertensive patient. It saves a lot of extra calories. 

4.Role of water 

we all know how important water is to us . One simple rule can make a  lot of difference in the way we eat. The rule of water is that , 2 glass of water half an hour before meal makes you eat  39% less food . well , less food more weight loss . Water is also essentially required to carry out different metabolic process in the body.

5. watch out snacks and dessert

well , snacks and dessert are small meal but they cover almost half of the total calorie we eat everyday. Its because snacks , we often get them from stores and are chips and fries which contain all those unhealthy oil. Replace your unhealthy snacks with nuts and fruits.
There is a myth ' Dessert goes to heart' , indeed it happens to be true .Because it is all sugar and you have high chance of getting heart attack with sugary foods. You might say no to ice cream and cake from next time on.

6.Alternative to Rice and Bread

The major carbs and the most consumed carbs .. Weight loss is not about only calorie equation. There are many factor are responsible for this. A small lifestyle change can make a huge difference. Age , sex , genetics also plays a major role in weight loss. 
Cauliflower rice could be better replacement because it might be high in fiber and very less in calories. It aids weight loss . Bread can be replaced with almond bread.

7.Run and walk

The best and easy way to make your heart pumping is to run and walk. A 30 minute of walk can shred your 5 kg in a month. Running is cardio and makes your heart healthy and prevent you from disease such as atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction. Just simple changes like taking stairs , going to work on foot can make a huge difference.

8. Quit bad habits and start good one

Stop smoking and drinking . Bring healthy changes in your lifestyle. Start working out , get over junk foods . Start shopping healthy.

9. Go green 

Eat lot of green vegetables . You become full very quick and will no longer have room for extra food like desserts . IN very few time , you are gonna have to buy yourself a new dress.

10. Don not give up

Everyone has different type of body. So weight loss pattern also differs person to person .  So , do not cheat yourself and just don't loose hope . Just go with a flow and enjoy your new lifestyle. You will certainly be who you want to be.


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